Community Impact

The H & R Block Foundation responds to community needs by awarding grants that help area nonprofits achieve greater results. By supporting programmatic efforts, capacity building, and capital projects, the Foundation helps organizations accomplish one or more of the following:

  • Improve, expand, or strengthen services
  • Enhance operations, staffing, or professional networks
  • Achieve greater results

Since its inception, The H & R Block Foundation has helped advance the quality of life for those in need by providing over $81 million in grants to various charitable organizations.

H & R Block Foundation Community Impact

Grant Opportunity FAQ and How To Apply

The Foundation accepts grant applications from organizations within the greater Kansas City area on a rolling basis year-round. Award decisions are made in March, June, September and December.

What organizations are eligible to receive a grant?

Grants are made only to organizations that are tax-exempt from federal income taxation pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) and that are not classified as private foundations within the code. The Foundation does not make grants to businesses or individuals, or to organizations with a pending 501(c)(3) status. Additionally, the Foundation considers only very limited funding for Type II or III supporting organizations. If your organization has this classification, please contact the Foundation at before submitting an application.

What organizations are ineligible to receive a grant?
Organizations that are not in compliance with laws and regulations that govern them. Non-Jewish religious organizations whose primary purpose is the promotion of specific religious doctrine, though religious organizations may be eligible to receive funding for activities that are non-sectarian and benefit the larger community. Organizations that discriminate against individuals based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious creed, national origin, physical or mental disability, or protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.
What is the Foundation's geographic focus area?

The Foundation focuses its funding on organizations that are based in and serve residents within the greater Kansas City area defined as Jackson, Clay, and Platte counties in Missouri, and Wyandotte and Johnson counties in Kansas.

What areas of focus (or cause areas) does the Foundation support?
The Foundation’s areas of focus are:
• Arts & Culture
• Education
• Health & Human Service
• Neighborhood Revitalization
What types of projects does the Foundation support?

A major emphasis of the Foundation’s giving is on projects, programs, and activities that help underserved, low-income individuals in greater Kansas City (as defined above). These activities must improve, expand, or strengthen an organization and help it achieve greater results. The Foundation does not generally provide funding for ongoing programs and/or operations.

The Foundation does not generally support:
• General operating expenses and/or ongoing programs
• Sponsorships and/or special events such as galas, conferences, luncheons, performances, festivals, awards dinners, etc.
• Past operating deficits or debt reduction
• Single-disease causes
• Animal-related causes
• Sports-related causes
• Political activities
• Publications
• Historic preservation
How and when are grant decisions made?
Foundation staff review and vet grant applications and present recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Directors at quarterly meetings held in March, June, September, and December. Award decisions made at these meetings are for grant applications submitted approximately two months prior. For example, award decisions made in March are for applications submitted by the end of January; award decisions made in June are for applications submitted by the end of April; and so forth. If an application requires additional time for consideration, the organization will be notified. Applicants will receive notification of the award decision following the board meeting at which its request is reviewed.
What is the typical amount and duration of a grant award?

The Foundation does not have fixed minimum or maximum award limits, though grant awards typically fall in the range of $25,000 to $100,000. The Foundation mostly makes one-year grants though multi-year requests are permitted. Grant recipients may be asked to provide reports during or at the conclusion of the grant on activities supported by the grant, use of the funds, and outcomes of the grant. The grant recipient is responsible for providing accurate information and ensuring that the grant is used for the charitable purpose indicated in the grant request unless otherwise authorized by the Foundation.

The Foundation’s sister organization, the Marion and Henry Bloch Family Foundation, makes single-year and multi-year grant awards that typically fall in the range of $100,000 to $250,000. Grants may be funded by either Foundation, though only a single application needs to be submitted. Foundation staff will determine the appropriate Foundation to consider each request.

If an organization's grant application is denied, is it disqualified from reapplying?

No. A grant application that is denied does not disqualify or prevent an organization from reapplying, however the Foundation prefers organizations submit no more than one grant application in a 12-month period. If an organization is interested in re-applying, it should begin by completing a new questionnaire.

How To Apply

Organizations interested in applying for a grant are encouraged to review the information on this page regarding eligibility and the Foundation’s funding priorities and process:

1. After doing so, if you believe your organization and proposed funding request fall within the Foundation’s focus areas and funding objectives, please complete this short questionnaire.

This questionnaire is not a grant application; rather, it allows organizations to propose a grant idea that can be assessed for potential funding eligibility. Organizations may also contact us to obtain a copy of the questionnaire. Due to high volume, Foundation staff are unable to meet with interested organizations prior to submitting the questionnaire. By contacting the Foundation, the organization agrees to receive correspondence via email, phone, SMS, and/or site visit.

2. Questionnaire responses are reviewed by Foundation staff within 21 days of receipt, though it often takes less time.

3. Foundation staff will then follow up with the organization regarding next steps—for example, to discuss the proposal or the organization in more depth, to recommend a different direction if the proposal is not a fit for funding, or to invite the organization to submit a full application.

Once an organization has been invited to submit a full grant application, it will be given access to the online application portal. From there, the organization can create a new application, save work in progress, and submit the application at any time. Applications are accepted by invitation year-round. An invitation to submit an application is not a guarantee of approval.